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Process Safety
Process Safety
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If you think safety is expensive, try an accident ! ( original quote from Stelios Haji-Ioannou). The picture shows that even a so called "good regulator" sold in SL is rated for a max 7.5 bar pressure. Some of the... (More)
Experience Transfer Stories (03) - Degradation of (process) safety cultures (part 1) The concept of safety culture can be defined in many different ways. A working definition can be given as “a set of commonly accepted norms within an organization... (More)
Experience Transfer Stories (01) –Hazardous Pyrophoric Substances ! Two years ago, on one of the offshore platforms processing oil and gas in the North Sea, a fire incident occurred during maintenance activities related to a large inlet separator vessel. The... (More)
Experience Transfer Stories 02 –Functions, Task, and Workload Assessments for Process Plant CCRs. Existing process plants undergo modifications at various stages in their life cycle. These modifications include various additions to their CCR (central control room) functions. Often these changes... (More)