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Career Development
Career Development

Developing you career in Engineering starts from the very first day of the Uni!

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UK-IChemE/careers - capturing stories from the trenches .... (More)
Rochelle Silva
PhD candidate at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Keen to pursue a postgraduate degree by research at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore? Register at to find out more about what NTU has to offer.
Thushara Subasinghe
Senior Lecturer/Researcher
Once a refuge, B.Sc and PhD in Chemical Engineering, Andy Grove (Andrew Grove) pioneered Intel from few thousand dollars revenue to billions of dollars industry. Search and read more on Andy and determine to make your dent in the universe.... (More)
Thushara Subasinghe
Senior Lecturer/Researcher
Advices from Linkedin about how to manage your Social Media profile during a job search! Attention to 17, 16 and above batches #dcpecareerguidance