If you think safety is expensive, try an accident ! ( original quote from Stelios Haji-Ioannou).
The picture shows that even a so called "good regulator" sold in SL is rated for a max 7.5 bar pressure. Some of the other "cheap" LPG pressure regulators sold in SL have been found to be rated for just 5 or 6 bar. Meanwhile, one German pressure regulator manufacturer contacted me very recently and told me that it's very normal for their "low pressure LPG regulators" to be rated for a maximum inlet pressure of 16 bar. Now this says a whole lot about "Sri Lanka's problem" when it comes to domestic LPG accessories and the recent explosions. Remember that when the LPG cylinder contains 50 % propane and 50 % butane, the headspace pressure will be close to 7.2 barg at 37.8 deg C (i.e. 100 deg F). Also note that in many places, people keep their cylinders close to their burners and the surrounding air temperature can easily exceed 35 deg C (especially the case with roadside shops, restaurants, etc. - mostly due to space limitations). N.B. In case the cylinder is filled with 100 % propane, the cylinder pressure will reach almost 12 barg at 37.8 deg C temp.