I am Malsha Samarasiri from the 14 batch and currently a PhD student at NTU, Singapore.
I have seen that many Sri Lankan students have the dream of pursuing a postgraduate study opportunity in a well-reputed foreign university. However, some students lose hope at the beginning or in the middle of the process without realizing their dreams. Additionally, I also experienced some confusions/ problems during my application process.
Thus, I created a blog with all experiences based on my applications made to universities in Canada, Australia, Singapore, & New Zealand. But the same process/steps can be applied to some other universities.

Sections covered in my blog: Step by Step Approach to Higher Studies
1. Research Publications
2. Educational Certificates
3. Country & University Selection
5. GRE
6. Academic CV
7. First Email to Supervisors
8. Interviews with Potential Supervisors
9. Research Proposal
10. SOP (Statement of Purpose) writing
11. MSc/ PhD Application to Universities
12. My Applications to Universities in Four Countries

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My experience of achieving an MSc/ PhD opportunity is ranging 2 years after final semester exams in UoM. There were many people including my family, friends, lecturers, and seniors who guided and supported me a lot during this process and I always pay my sincere gratitude to them. Additionally, I will not be able to come so far unless I was privileged with this valuable free education up to university education in our country.

In fact, this process is not consisting of a simple path and there may be some obstacles. But, if you are really committed and take the necessary steps in the correct order, I believe that it is achievable for anyone.